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Elevate your perspective with breathtaking aerial imagery media content creation by our skilled drone photographer, Luke Clark, serving the Northwest, Montana, Idaho, and Washington. We are licensed and insured.

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At 406 Drone Solutions, we specialize in delivering captivating visuals that showcase the beauty and essence of Montana’s landscapes like never before. But also we can provide videography, portrait photos, and much more.


Whether you’re an adventurer seeking stunning aerial views, a business looking to highlight your property or facilities, or an individual interested in unique artwork, you’ve come to the right place. We cover adventure sports, hunting and more!


Explore our gallery, immerse yourself in the beauty of Montana, and discover the endless possibilities that drone photography offers.

Montana adventure photographer born and raised with a passion for capturing your world and help you preserve your best moments. 

Luke Clark, FOUNDER

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The Drone Advantage

Aerial Perspective:

Drones offer a unique vantage point, capturing stunning aerial views that traditional cameras simply can't achieve, providing a fresh and captivating perspective of the adventure, event, or property.


Drones can maneuver easily in various environments, from rugged landscapes to crowded urban areas, ensuring no angle or detail is missed, making them ideal for capturing dynamic events or expansive properties.

Advantages of drone photography and videography over standard methods.


With rapid deployment and agile maneuverability, drones streamline the filming process, reducing the need for complex setups and extensive equipment, saving time and resources while delivering high-quality results.

Adventure Starts with 406 Drone Solutions

Our Pricing Table

Basic Packages


Great for events or properties

Photo/Video your event or property.
Professional Package Delivered 1-2 months following.

* Additional requests outside of basic package to be discussed with photographer for best solution and may affect final price. 


Best for events, weddings, adventure

Photo/Video your event or property.
Professional Package
Delivered 2-3 weeks following event.
Includes prints and hard copies.

* Additional requests outside of basic package to be discussed with photographer for best solution and may affect final price. 


Our ultimate package

Photo/Video your event /property/business
(even multi-day events)
Ultra Package
Delivered 2 weeks following event.
Includes prints and hard copies.
As well as additional edits and requests.

* Additional requests outside of basic package to be discussed with photographer for best solution and may affect final price. 

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What Clients Say

"I've used 406 Drone Solutions for both personal and professional projects, and they never disappoint. From stunning landscape shots to dynamic portraits, their drone footage adds an unparalleled wow factor. Truly impressive work!"
Michael Burnquist
"As an event planner, I'm always looking for unique ways to showcase my clients' events. 406 Drone Solutions delivered stunning footage of our corporate gathering, elevating the experience for everyone involved. Professional, reliable, and exceptional!"
Sarah Danzer
"406 Drone Solutions captured my outdoor wedding like no one else could. My wife and I think aerial shots were breathtaking, adding a whole new dimension to our memories. Highly recommend their expertise! Luke was patient and has an eye for getting amazing shots."
Terry Denton
Event client

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